Why I Support AU

By Barbara J. Meislin, "The Purple Lady"

Barbara J. MeislinAmerica is a remarkable political experiment. The separation of church and state is the foundation on which this experiment has been based, and so far, succeeded.

Americans United is a unique organization totally dedicated to this principle. If this organization ceases to exist, I feel our democracy would be in great jeopardy and would have a great possibility of failing. I am deeply committed to the success of this experiment, which is to me, an expression of humanity's highest efforts to fulfill its potential.

I philanthropically support many organizations for a variety of reasons, but AU is one of the few at the top of my list given its uniqueness and effectiveness in directing humankind onward and upward.

Want to learn how you can ensure AU's future for generations to come? Contact Chelsea Collings at (202) 466-3234, ext 213 or collings@au.org.