Why We Support Americans United

By Helen Wolfson and Eric Thomas

Eric Thomas and Helen Wolfson

Eric Thomas and Helen Wolfson included Americans United in their wills to ensure their support continues after their lifetimes.

We are deeply concerned that many people who support the separation of church and state think that the wall between them is a “done deal,” secured by the Constitution and of little relevance in today’s United States, where there is no shortage of other worthy causes vying for their attention. But religion and “religious freedom” are being used every day to, among other things, deny access to reproductive rights, justify treating members of the LGBTQ+ community as second-class citizens who lack the basic legal protections available to their straight brothers and sisters, and undermine the public school and public health systems.

Americans United is actively working to strengthen the wall of separation and to educate the American public about the importance of keeping religion out of government. This struggle will likely never be completely resolved, and, as mortals, we won’t be around forever to fight these battles. We have chosen to put Americans United in our wills because we know that the organization will continue to carry on this work, which is vitally important to us, long after we are gone.

Join Helen and Eric
Include a future gift in your will or other estate plan to support the work of Americans United for Separation of Church and State. Contact Chelsea Collings at (202) 466-3234, ext 213 or collings@au.org to uncover the charitable gift that’s right for you.