Activist Supports Future of AU With Estate Gift

Stephanie Campbell

"I’m a great believer in putting money behind beliefs and there are no other organizations that I care about as much as AU!"—Stephanie M. Campbell

By Stephanie M. Campbell (and Richard Gillock)

I have been a believer in the separation of religion and state for over 50 years as a result of growing up in two different countries where there was no separation. I was able to witness firsthand the damage that no separation can do to children. Because of this, I was always looking for an organization that dedicated itself to this principle and none does it better than Americans United for Separation of Church and State.

I was excited when I had the opportunity to hear fellow board member Eddie Tabash speaking on the importance of the organization and how it strengthens all of us. That meeting was in 2003 and I was off and running. With the help of our national organization and the kind guidance of the late Harry Schwarzbart, a group of activists in very-conservative Orange County, California, were able to create a strong AU chapter and we opened our doors in 2004. Since then we have provided monthly education programs to the general public, spoken to a wide range of groups and participated in a variety of events to spread the important principles of our organization.

My work with Americans United continues to be at the core of all my activism. After attending annual meetings for several years, I was honored to join the national board in 2013 and believe in contributing in whatever ways that I can, whether as a member of the board or through contributions as a Guardian of Freedom. Adding Americans United to our our estate plan was an obvious extension of this and I am honored to do so.

If you would like to make a gift that supports future efforts to safeguard the separation of church and state, like Stephanie Campbell did, please contact Chelsea Collings at (202) 466-3234, ext 213 or